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Classic & Foreign Auto Repair for Briarcliff Manor, NY

Photo if Jaguar classic car being repair

We’ve specialized in classic cars and import vehicle repair since 1974. We are experts in vintage car repair whether its a vintage Aston Martin or a late-model Subaru. Our certified mechanics use the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly find and repair your vehicle. We strive to be your reliable and more affordable alternative to dealership service centers.

Can you REALLY afford to NOT service your car??

At Briarcliff Classic and Imported, we know that preventive maintenance is the best way to protect your investment and ensure reliability and longevity.

Let’s face it. We do preventive maintenance for our bodies. We do it for our homes. But what do we do for our cars? An occasional oil change? Typically, your car is the second biggest investment you have, and typically, it receives the least attention. Until you get stuck, that is!

In this day and age, dealer servicing has become big business: impossible to navigate, impersonal in approach. And the local service stations we used to rely on have become grocery stores that happen to also sell gas! When was the last time you went to get gas, and they checked your oil, cleaned your windows, and checked your tire pressure? Ahh the good old days…

Driven by Passion, Defined by Excellence.

Our team understands the unique intricacies and nuances of classic beauties and sophisticated imports. Leveraging years of expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and a genuine love for timeless automobiles, we offer unmatched repair and maintenance services that ensure your prized possession runs smoothly and shines just as bright as your passion for it. Trust your cherished vehicle with the experts who treat it as their own. Choose Briarcliff. Choose excellence.


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photos of classic cars being repaired in our shop

At BCI, we are a team of experienced mechanics equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, and a quality shop with all the necessary tools. We live and breathe cars, having worked on everything from a ’36 Jaguar to 2010 Audis. We race, restore and service cars. And we take a unique approach to automotive service.

We consider ourselves your partner in the care and longevity of your cars. We don’t just address problems — we anticipate them, and work with you to create a personalized plan for preventing them. PREVENTING PROBLEMS SAVES YOU MONEY! We recommend what we call our “minor service”, where we check all the fluids, belts, hoses, brakes, suspension, steering, lights, tire inflation, etc. Our goal is to give you peace of mind on the road, and to help maximize your car’s reliability long into the future.

Yes, we work on restoring and maintaining classic collector cars. But we are also expert mechanics for late model imported cars. So whether you have a vintage Jaguar, Mercedes, MG, Alfa Romeo, Triumph, Austin Healey, Porsche or a late model Honda, Audi, BMW, Toyota, VW, Subaru, Saab, or Volvo, call or come see us. Talk with us. We want to add you to our long list of life-long customers!

What They’re Saying



Founder Bob Millstein has been a racing and classic auto enthusiast since his youth, and began Briarcliff Classic and Imported to share his expertise with others, and to provide a valuable service: quality auto repair and restoration for owners of classic and imported cars.

Briarcliff Classic and Imported has an extraordinary staff of experienced car repair experts, who always take the time to discuss service options with you. These men are your partners in the care of your automobile.

photo Bob Millstein

Bob Millstein

Bob Millstein, also known as the “Restoration Czar”, has owned and presided over BCI since he founded it in 1974. The lifelong car nut is extra passionate about English sports cars and knows more about collecting, repairing and racing them than just about any other human being. Most people watch TV or listen to music as they drift off to sleep. Bob prefers to gaze at his car collection and has a light switch linked to the garage in his bedroom. He has two Aston Martins, three vintage Jaguars (he races two of them) and a rare (only 160 were made) 1924 Gaff rigged Sloop sail boat passed down by his father.

His love of English sports cars can be traced back to his brother’s MG TC, which he raced. “I was always around British cars growing up thanks to my older brother. And in those days, the Brits had captured the bulk of European car sales in the U.S. Parts were cheap and plentiful as a result.”

photo of Dan Thaler

Dan Thaler

Dan learned to fix cars in the late ’70s because he could not afford to pay someone to fix his $250 VW Beetle. He soon discovered that he did not like to break down and became obsessed with preventative maintenance.

Dan’s professional career began on the streets of San Francisco and then at Hans Art Automotive in the Mission District there. After moving to New York he worked at several dealerships and became factory trained in Subaru and Volvo.

Dan’s focus has always been Swedish, German and Japanese cars. He enjoys servicing cars that regular people drive on a daily basis.

Working at BCI has given him an opportunity to work one on one with the customers. This creates a more intimate, friendly relationship which leads to better communication and understanding of the customer’s needs.

photo Leo Bunker

Leo Bunker

Automobiles have always been a major fixture in my life and it seems that I try to encourage those around me to share the passion. When I took my wife of 38 years out on our second date, she learned to shift and clutch my Triumph TR3A. While our daughter and son were growing up our everyday cars were a TR4, MGB, Austin Mini, Austin America, as well as a few non-British sedans mixed in for good measure.


Because each of us at Briarcliff Classic and Imported is an auto enthusiast, we know how important it is to keep every system and component of your car serviced and at the ready. Not just the engine, transmission and brakes (though they are mighty important!)

Here are some examples:

photo of clean vs. dirty cabin filter

This is a car’s cabin filter. Ever heard of that? It filters out dirt, pollution, leaves, pollen and other contaminants through your car’s cabin ventilation system, so you and your passengers don’t have to be breathing that stuff. On the left is a clean filter, and on the right is what is more typically found in cars we see. Yuck!

photo of dirty oil filter

This is a car’s cabin filter. Ever heard of that? It filters out dirt, pollution, leaves, pollen and other contaminants through your car’s cabin ventilation system, so you and your passengers don’t have to be breathing that stuff. On the left is a clean filter, and on the right is what is more typically found in cars we see. Yuck!

photo of cowl drain clogged with debris

The cowl drain is a plastic aperature in front of your windshield that diverts rain water out of your engine compartment. These cowls can fill with leaves and debris and clog up. When they do so, water can end up in the passenger compartment of your car. When we service your car these drains are vacuumed or blown out to prevent damage to the interior of your car and electrical components behind the dashboard where the water can find itself.

  • Since we opened our doors in 1974, our pride has been in taking specialized care in repairing European and Asian cars of all ages. From the classic Mercedes to the exotic Lamborghini, we know how to treat classics and imports better than any shop around!

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